224 Valkyrie Testing Parameters
This is our method to get consistent results.  We have several barrels for Valkyrie.
Some notes about 224 Valkyrie.  Important to understand. 
  • 224 Valkyrie uses about ~6% more powder per load than .223 loads, same bullet weight, same bullet, generally.
  • Nato 5.56 uses about ~6% more powder than .223 loads, same bullet weight, same bullet, generally.
  • 224 Valkyrie & 5.56 Nato charges are VERY SIMILAR, same bullet weight, same bullet, generally.  Lets take data, for example.  Using 80 grain matchkings, loaded at 2.260.  223 loads:  (MAXES using Western Load Guide 7.0)  TAC:  24.3,  AA2520: 24.9.  5.56 NATO loads:  TAC:  25.8, AA2520:  26.4.  TAC: 6% more, AA2520: 6% more.
  • So because of this, it is not logical to buy a 224 Valkyrie if you are shooting under 80 grain bullets, because your 5.56 AR15 will do the almost same exact thing using NATO loads which the gun can do.  One can argue, just up the 224 Valkyrie charges by ~6% to get ~60k PSI as well.  You could do that, then its significantly better using less than 80 grain bullets.
  • The entire point of 224 Valkyrie is to shoot long range, and it has almost "ZERO" advantage under a few hundred yards as compared with normal .223/5.56.  The entire point is to shoot 80-95 Grain bullets in an AR15 platform because a 223 or 5.56 CANNOT SHOOT THAT (in normal magazine, like P-MAGS) because of magazine length, and OAL, Ogive, etc.  As you can see the Valkyrie is a "shorter" brass, to allow for longer bullets.  So I totally don't understand, why anyone, would buy a Valkyrie, then go to town testing 55, 60, 75, 77, etc grain bullets.  Its range is 80-95. 
Federal Gold Medal
AR Match Primers
We chose these primers for all testing...
Starline Brass
Full length sized, and they are prepped by chamfering the opening for consistency across the lot. After sizing, and weight sorting, we measured internal capacity which was within ~.1 grains to be included.
Bison Armory
I am using a Heavy 24" 1:6.5
WOA Barrels
1:6.5 24"
Using very sturdy Lead Sled DFT2
That is a $2000 Trijicon 5x50 x56 Scope
Looks fake right?
That is literally a phone pic of looking through scope at 50x @ 50 yards.  Crosshairs are in focus, not target.  Target is crystal clear.  Its like cheating...I feel like I am standing right next to it shooting at pin pricks...
Bullet, Powder & Barrel Reviews
Click Picture for summary information on each one.  Remember please, the results do not "prove" X powder is more accurate than "Y" powder in "your" gun.  The purpose of the site is to create a "reference" to help you select a powder and a suitable charge "area" to get your desired results.  What is more accurate for us, might not be for you.  Accuracy aside, in a 24" barrel, it is logical to assume the velocity achieved with these loads will be at least comparable to a 24" barrel you use.  Not exact, comparable.  This gives you an idea of where to start to get your desired velocity result faster.  I have a lot more powders than this, but powders such as Benchmark, or AA2230, etc, are just not that well suited for Valkyrie because Valkyrie likes the "slowest" end of the spectrum of powders that works in 5.56.  Typically, powders that work well in 77 grain 5.56, are the medium, to faster burning powders in the Valkyrie range.  CFE223 and Winchester 748 are perhaps the most "all around" balanced burn rate for this cartridge.    
Hornady 88 Grain
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Berger Bullets

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Nosler RDF

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Hornady 80 Grain
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Sierra Bullets

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Rainier Ultramatch Mod2 Valkyrie 22" Ti ext.

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Reloader 15.5

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Lighter Bullets

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