Alliant Unique
Marketed as the most versatile powder on the market.  But this is for "most pistol calibers" type of versatility.  We don't care about a lot of pistol calibers because 9MM is by far, without question, the best, most versatile, best balance of X, most economical, pistol caliber in the history of the world and will be until laser pistols come out.  Unique is good overall, and better than we thought.  We thought it would be super dirty, but it was not, it was average.  Not that dirty at all.  It shot good, provided good velocities, its a good overall powder for 9MM. But not super versatile in this caliber, and BE86 would be more versatile across all grain weights of 9MM. 
7.3 Grains
Case is full, overflowing
This powder on bulky side! No problem, flake powders compress most easily
Alliant Unique
A larger flake powder.  People are divided over this powder for 9 MM.  So that is why we exist, to break the log jam and show you the goods!  After you test near every powder on the market, you get a good idea what powders do what, and do them well.  Unique?  It does many things well, and if you only had this powder to load 9 MM? That would be just fine, its a good choice! 
Velocity for near standard pressure surprised us, frankly.  This powder is high performance!  Its accurate!  Its nowhere NEAR as dirty as people have been claiming.  Nowhere near.   We have the "newer", cleaner version, so the old maybe way worse?  We don't have it, so we can't judge. 
Alliant is a good powder company, they make some of our favorites.  I can see why people buy this powder...if you owned more calibers than 9 MM, this would be a good choice!  But why would you own pistols in NON 9 MM?  Don't you know that 9 MM is the best pistol cartridge in the history of the universe and the only thing that will beat it is lasers?  HUH?
Lets take a look at some of the brass...

5.8 Grains
124 Precision Delta HP
1.095 OAL
4.7 Grains
125 Grain Rainier HP
1.115 OAL
7.3 Grains
95 Grain Montana Gold HP

4.4 Grains
147 Grain Xtreme RN
1.145 OAL
Alliant Unique
Some of these loads are above book, manufacturer max loads.  Do not copy what we do.  Because it is safe for us, does not mean it is safe for you!
Look at those results!  This powder can shoot!  Good velocities too!  Its no wonder so many shooters use this powder for 9MM and other calibers, it just WORKS.
It did do 1500 FPS in a 95 grain bullet, so it gets good score on versatility for 9MM.  However, it can't compete with the finer flake BE86 in velocity across "all" grain weights.  Or Powder Pistol.  But this is why Alliant has different powders that can be used in 1 caliber.  It has its place...and its place is secured.  We like it.
 Alliant Unique Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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