Hodgdon Titegroup
The more inexpensive "competition" powder.  Shooting steel plates or need to shoot fast and accurate?  This powder is very popular.  As it says on bottle, a little goes a long way..
Titegroup is the 3 left cases, the dirty, sooty ones.  This is commonplace with this powder.  The cases are dirty, your gun is dirty, its dirty.
(middle is IMR 4756, Right is N320, much cleaner powders)

This is a flattened spherical powder.  Titegroup is what people generally buy when they are trying to make budget loads, and the general best Titegroup loads are between 3-4 grains of powder only, so you can load a lot of rounds with just 1 pound. 
This powder, like other very fast pistol powders, are not good for higher velocity ammunition and really only good for budget shooting ammo, competitions, or standard pressure ammo. 
WARNING:  If you are a newer reloader, you do not want to start out using this powder.  It can be very dangerous because its so fast burning.  Its easy to double charge your rounds, as you will barely notice.  3 grains?  6 grains?  A lot of this powder fits in a case, over 10 grains, easily.  So filling up half way looks normal.  Except that is going to be huge high pressure and very dangerous.  When you load this stuff, you better be focused on what you are doing, its not recommended for anyone that loads with many powders around, constantlys swapping powders.  You accidently load this into a rifle, or a larger pistol cartridge, its super dangerous. 
It also burns hot, runs hot in your gun.  Its makes your gun a somewhat heat machine. 
This powder is also what we think is one of the most dirty powders.  Its sooty.  It really discolors the brass with soot. 
That is all the negatives about it, it shoots just fine, its very economical and its just fine with accuracy.  No issues there.
Despite its economical nature, its easy availability even in time of shortages, and its good accuracy, we don't recommend this powder at all.  It runs too hot, its dangerous if you double load/charge and its dirty.  This is one of the least favorite in the entire 9MM field of powders, and we could possibly like it least, last place.  We spent a lot of time at the range with this.  A guy had a white long sleeve shirt on.  After shooting this for an hour, the right sleeve was covered in soot from this and the left, but lesser.  Why get all dirty and potentially breath that in.   Its really not that economical, if you do the math, because powder is the least impact on cost in the entire bullet makeup at like a few cents per round,

So...what about Titegroup and what do some cases look like?
  • Hornady Brass Case 13.80 grains capacity
  • Federal Gold Medal primer
  • 4.5 grains
  • 1.095 OAL
  • 124 Precision Delta HP
  • 1060 FPS
  • Red rimmed case in back is low pressure load, different primer, for reference.  You can tell this is higher pressure, look at how flat the primer on left is...its very flat. 

Some of these loads are over manufacturer recommended maximums, DO NOT COPY or try!  Loading is always at your own risk.
Its no wonder so many people love this powder for their economical loads, its cheap AND accurate.  Nuts accurate.  Just dirty as we ever seen and HOT.  We will pass. 

Some of the loads we tried
Load at your own risk.  What we load doesn't mean it will be safe for you. Do not load above recommended manufacturer book maximums.

Many of these are 131-135 PF, which are plausible competition loads.  Generally speaking, ~3.3 grains of Titegroup using a 147 grain bullet is about as vanilla of a competition load as it gets. 
Look at the large picture below, you can see, a normal load barely fills the case, its way down in there.