Alliant Sport Pistol
This is a good metering, fast burning powder.  This powder has lots of competition for its purpose in 9MM.  There are many fast powders people use.  HP38, Titegroup, N320, Bullseye, IMR Target to name a few.   This powder is newer.  The marketing behind this powder is better than most.  The bottle in particular has a more eye catching design, as well as the name of the powder is better than most.   
Bullseye Left
Alliant Sport Pistol Middle
Hodgdon Tite Group right
I would not call Sport Pistol "clean".  It is cleaner than say, Bullseye or Titegroup though.
Alliant Sport Pistol
A finer flake powder.  A lot can fit into a case.  More than you will ever need.  This makes this powder more dangerous if you make a reloading error.
This powder looks like BE86 and a few others.  This could make it more dangerous if you get mixed up and change powders often.  So be careful.  In our opinion, we like the "green dot/red dot/blue dot" concept because you easily know what you are loading and its much harder to get powders mixed up.  Perhaps better marketing would have been "BLACK DOT" as in,  "in the black"?  We are just messing with you Alliant, we love your lineup of powders, one of our favorite companies.
This is a solid performing powder, with good case fill, as the company claims.  However, its not that clean, is it?  its all relative to other powders, and relative to Titegroup, its a lot cleaner.  But compared to D032 from Lovex or Accurate #2? Its not nearly as clean.  its middle of the road clean perhaps.  Its not super sooty, or like that, so its totally fine. 
It meters OK, not as good as perhaps Accurate #2, or D032, or W244, or other ball powders.  But its just fine.
Alliant Sport Pistol
Really no need to look at a lot of primers here.  You would not use this powder to do anything high pressure or high velocity.
3.9 Grains
147 Grain Hornady XTP
1.1 OAL
Xtreme Brass (New) 12.72 case capacity
Alliant Sport Pistol
This is one hyped up powder online.  People talk about it so much.  It lived up to the hype, and is no hype, its a good powder choice for 9MM, confirmed. 
Sport Pistol Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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