Bullseye Left
Alliant Sport Pistol Middle
Hodgdon Tite Group right
I would not call Sport Pistol "clean".  It is cleaner than say, Bullseye or Titegroup though.
A flake powder. Quite bulky.   However, this burns very fast, so it will be more than you will ever need in a case.  This makes this powder more dangerous if you make a reloading error.  Doesn't look like Alliant Red Dot does it.  THese are like pringles chips huh?  They make us hungry!  LETS EAT!! 
Really no need to look at a lot of primers here.  You would not use this powder to do anything high pressure or high velocity.
3.9 Grains
147 Grain Hornady XTP
1.1 OAL
Xtreme Brass (New) 12.72 case capacity
IMR Red Target
Those HAP groupings is no human error, every shot on the board is aimed with precise 3 MOA red dot to within ~.1" accurate, and the gun is leveled on each shot.
IMR Red Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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