This is a bulky, slower burning powder similar to 3N37 in performance. 
N330 left, N350 Middle, N340 right
All are pretty clean
8.7 grains fills a case pretty good
Stick powders don't compress as good as extruded, but better than spherical
A bulky extruded stick powder like N340 or N330.  We like this powder better than 3N37, but overall, for 9MM its not that ideal.  So many loads are somewhat compressed of you use lower overall lengths.  Its just not that versatile either, and best suited for 115 grain and heavier bullets.  We would recommend buying N340 for 9MM over this, similar performance, but since N340 is faster burning and you need less in the case to achieve slightly, barely less performance?  That is overall better for 9MM overall.  
Lets take a look at some of the brass...

6.4 Grains
Precision Delta 124 HP
1.1 overall Length pretty compressed
High velocity, high pressure load at that low OAL.  Primer cratering as well as flatter primers indicate higher pressure compared to red one which is low pressure load
7.0 Grains
Hornady HAP 115 grain
1.1 OAL pretty compressed load
High velocity, high pressure, primer cratering, flater primers just like other load
Average accuracy as compared to premium HST store bought load.  Which is good.  Very high performance.  This is a powder than is pretty versatile in 9MM, but terrible for bullets under about 100 grains if you want max power.  This is because you can't get enough powder in the case and compress it enough.  Best for 124 Grain bullets.
N350 Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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