VV N340
N340 is peculiar, its in between N330 and N350, but looks similar to both of them.  It can provide high velocity, but not as efficiently as N350.  Its also, perhaps, not as versatile in 9 MM as N330.  In other words, its not the best at anything in 9 MM, its just OK all around.
8.6 grains fills this case
It compresses fairly well, as we put that Lehigh bullet in it with no issue to 1.1 OAL
VV N340
A bulky extruded stick powder.  Very similar to N330 and N350 in looks.  As you can see only about 8.5-9 fit in a case, depending on what case you use.
 It can do any bullet weight, provide good to high level of velocity and average accuracy. 
The powder burns cleaner than others, if that matters to you.  Its not dirty by any comparitive means.
We like how stick powders meter if you want "exact" measurements as its very easy to pluck out or toss in "1" stick to get precision, exact measurements.
Even though the case only accepts up to ~ 9 grains, this is way more powder than is nec. for any book or +P load.    N350 will provide higher velocities than N340, under same pressure according to manufacturer, and load books.   But N340 will require less compression than N350, thus making it more versatile across more weight ranges.

Lets take a look at some of the brass...

6.1 Grains
124 Grain Precision Delta HP
1.100 OAL
Brass Capacity 12.72 grains
6.7 Grains
115 Grain Hornady HAP
1.100 OAL
Starline Nickel case ~13.50 case cap
7.5 Grains
90 Grain Sig Sauer V-Crown HP
8.6 Grains
65 Grain Lehigh Defense XD
1.100 OAL
Hornady Case 13.80 Grain capacity
Some loads over over manufacturer recommended maximums.  Do not load over manufacturer levels.  Just because it worked for us, does not mean it is safe for you.

Some loads performed more accurately than some premium commercial loads you can buy at the store. 
This powder was accurate in low power loads in 147 grain, and it could also do 1800 FPS load using 65 grain bullets.
1580 FPS 90 grain?  Check
1350+ FPS 115 grain +P+?  Check it off.
+P commerical copy loads in 124 grain Speer Gold dot?  It can do it easily.
This was all shot by Springfield XD (M) 4.5" OSP with venom red dot @ 5 yards for ones marked 4.5".  Ones marked 4" were shot by CZP10c 4" with regular 3 dot sights.
N340 Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..As you can see...the powder is used quite a bit
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