Vihtavuori N330
Is this the powder designed just for 9 MM?  It appears so because we think its burn rate is near ideal.  It can do it all, but it is the best at not 1 thing, its just OK at everything
New Xtreme 9 MM Brass
~12.72 grain capacity case
A little over 8.1 grains of N330 fit in case

New Xtreme 9 MM Brass
~12.72 grain capacity
N330 loads don't fill case, plenty of space left...

New Hornady 9 MM Brass~13.8 grain capacity case A little over 8.9 grains of N330 fit in case

Vihtavuori N330
This is somewhat bulky extruded powder.  If you want to mirror any normal commercial standard pressure or +P load, this is a good powder to start with.  It can probably mirror the velocity you want and be more accurate.  People complain about the price of Vihtavuori powder.  Its probably $50 more per 8 lbs on average.  That is valid. 
This powder uses lower, more economical loads to achieve good results.  Its a great balance between case capacity and pressure stability. 
We find that this powder cannot do anything specifically "the best", but it has no weakness.  Its just fine at everything.  It can be used from 65 grain bullets to 147 grain with good velocity and accuracy, in a clean burning package.  There is really nothing more you could ever need from a powder, besides a cheaper price tag. 
So...what about N330 and what do some cases look like?
  • Winchester Case
  • CCI 500 Primer
  • 6.0 grains
  • 1.120 OAL
  • 124 Grain Speer Gold Dot
  • 1230 FPS
  • There is no need to look at all brass, you would only load this to standard or +P at the most.  N350, 3N37, or N340 would be better choices for higher velocity

Vihtavuori N330
Some of these loads are above any manufacturer data.  Load at your own risk.  What we load doesn't mean it will be safe for you. Do not load above recommended manufacturer book maximums.

This is with a CZP10c with stock Sights @ about 5 yards.  

Some of these groups have a standard deviation of literally "1" "2" and "3" among 3 shots.  That is not enough shots to be "proof" its great, but its enough to get a basic idea. Super close velocity from round to round does not matter that much in pistol, so this has marginal improvement at best.

You want to replicate a good self defense load?  124 grain Speer Gold dot under 5.5 of N330 is right near commercial ammo standard pressure perhaps...except this is more accurate and probably cleaner burning.
N330 Target data part 2
These are using an XD(M) 4.5" OSP Pistol and Venom 3MOA red dot sight.  Both the CZp10c above and these were from stable rest, and human error is very low to probably about .1 inch.  As you can see from all these targets, its in par or better than commercial bought ammo, producing near the same exact velocities...
Some of the loads we tried
Load at your own risk.  What we load doesn't mean it will be safe for you. Do not load above recommended manufacturer book maximums.

Included in light blue are several high performance Factory, commercial bought ammunition for reference

There is no point in trying to make a bunch of +P+ loads here with this powder because that is not the purpose of this powder.  Other choices like N340, N350, 3N37 would be better for +P+.  But they also use a lot more powder to do N330 is a more economical choice for "normal" pressure and +P loads. 

Its a well rounded choice in the crowded segment of 9 MM Powders.