Hodgdon H335
This power is ideal for 50-77 grain bullets.  Generally, this powder is  "similar" to AA2230.  The loads are similar as well.
Nothing much to see..
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Hodgdon H335
This is a flattened spherical powder.  A lot fits into a case because its dense like any other spherical/ball powder that is fine like this.    It meters great, has good velocity, good accuracy.  I can see why its popular.  I would even consider this for military use since you get good velocity and accuracy without high pressure using 55 grain bullets. 

If you are into plinking, or loading mass amounts of ammo, this powder is a great choice.  it is readily available too. 
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Some pressure signs, minor, started to show up in the 75 Grain Hornady and the 77 Grain Berger OTM loads.  Those were over book maximum.  Even though they were HOT, no burs sticking up on brass, just minor "swipes". 
Hodgdon H335
Its kind of funny, actually.  Luck more like it.  If you were to believe the internet talking heads for the last 20 years, you would think H335 "25.0 grain load using 55 grain bullets" was the best load in the history of mankind.  EVERYONE says that is their load if they mention H335.  Its good with Berger, not so much using Sierra.  However, the Berger load was significantly less FPS than the Sierra.  What is the Sierra was the SAME FPS, would it be a tiny hole too?  More on this later..

H335 is similar to Benchmark, or perhaps N530 or AR Comp.  AR Comp is slightly faster burning, and slightly less loads.  Its also similar in burn rate and data to H4895.

Some of the Loads we tried
Load at your own risk.  What we load doesn't Blue highlighted rows are commercial, premium bullets for comparison.  Velocity is in common with off the shelf commercial military style ammunition...
~2800 FPS usign 77 grain OTM without large pressure signs.  That is well done.  

**Large pressure signs = raised barbs, or divots from ejector.  No blown primers, no buldged brass, primers are not super flat.  It did show pressure signs however.  23.3 in this combination is high for using Berger OTM.  23.0 might be in the sweet spot to where it would not show ejector indentations.
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