Accurate #7
This is one of the slowest burning powders that can be used for 9MM.  It is a very fine spherical powder and its up there with a few, that can do more than 12 grains per case. 
12.0 Grains in the case
And its not even close to full!
This 65 grain Lehigh Bullet went in easily, and achieved 1.100 OAL
AA#7 burns very clean
Shooters World Major Pistol on left
Shooters World Ultimate Pistol middle
AA#7 right side.  This is one of the cleanest burning powders we have seen.
AA#7 and Phillips screwdriver heads?
Just some loads we tried...

Accurate #7
A fine shrerical powder.  A lot can fit into a case.  More than you will ever need.  We normally say this makes this powder more dangerous if you make a reloading error.  However, this powder is so slow, you would need to make a good amount of error to get dangerous pressures.  This powder takes a lot of powder with 9 MM loads.
This powder can be used across all grain weights in 9 MM and achieve some top velocities.  This powder is popular with +P+ people, such as 9MM Major competitors.  It is comparable to True Blue in how it meters, but is much slower and requires much more powder to gain equal velocity to True Blue. 
Consider this powder one of the best you can buy for 9MM, its going to be ranked in the upper echelon of powders.
It also works a compensator pretty well, since you use a lot of powder in most loads.  A good advantage this powder provides.  Seems like this powder was made for 9 MM.  Its nearly perfect in burn rate and density..
Lets take a look at some of the brass...

12 grains
Lehigh Defense 65 Grain XD
1.100 OAL
Federal Gold Medal primers
1725 FPS 4" CZP10c
That was a softer shooting load, this powder can go higher to even reach +P levels we would guess with the above combination.  12 grains using a 65 grain doesn't even push this at all, recoil was mild.
8.4 Grains
CCI500 Primers
124 Grain Precision Delta HP
1.095 OAL
1300 FPS 4.5" Barrel
Some primer cratering & flatter primer, however, this is a short OAL for a 161 Power Factor load.
Accurate #7 Target
Good accuracy!!  It looks like this powder was made for 9MM perhaps, hard to complain, it has no weakness.
Accurate #7 Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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