Accurate #2
This is a spherical, good metering, fast burning powder.  This powder has lots of competition for its purpose in 9MM.  There are many fast powders people use.  HP38, Titegroup, N320, Bullseye, IMR Target to name a few.  
HP38 Left
Winchester 244 Mid
Accurate #2 Right
AA#2 looks "barely" cleaner than other 2, but all 3 were "normal" as far as clean compared to other powders in 9MM.  See how they all leave like a "sandy" residue in case, and in gun?  its barely noticeable and not that dirty really, its just this "grit" is left.  Look close you can see little gritty spec on all of them.
Accurate #2
A fine spherical powder.  A lot can fit into a case.  More than you will ever need.  This makes this powder more dangerous if you make a reloading error.  
We think this is one of the "Cleanest burning" 9 MM powders we have tested.  And we tested, so far, 31 different powders for 9 MM. 
This powder meters very well, on the very consistent side since its finite spherical in shape.  Its not high in velocity performance, but then again, no fast burning powder is going to be that high velocity compared to slower burjning powders.  But its sufficient.
Western Powders/Ramshot is for sure, one of our favorite companies.  This powder has far above average load data, and is readily available.  Due to its high level of accuracy, reasonable price and how clean it burns, we easily would choose this powder as a top pick for shooting at the range with and practicing, or even for competitions other than 9 MM Major.  Very pleased with this one, if you see it on the shelf, you can't be disappointed with it, its simply a good buy.  Its as simple as that. 
Another thing we like about it is it doesn't look like any other powder closely.  This makes it easier to distinguish so you don't load wrong powder.
Accurate #2
This is a all around, very versatile, easy metering, good choice for 9MM.
3.9 Grains
147 Grain Hornady XTP
1.1 OAL
Xtreme Brass (New) 12.72 case capacity
5.1 Grains
115 Grain Hornady XTP
1.1 OAL
Xtreme Brass (New) 12.72 case capacity
4.8 Grains
124 Grain Precision Delta HP
1.095 OAL
Xtreme Brass (New) 12.72 case capacity
Accurate #2 Target
Accurate results.  It shot well over range of loads and bullets.  We will have to have a competition between this and all the other fast powders to crown a winner.  This one is definitly in the running and we rate it high. 
Accurate #2 Loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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