Hodgdon 800X
Bulky powder, not really designed for 9 MM specifically, but can be used no problem and has very good accuracy qualities. 
7.5 Grains
Hornady case 13.80 case capacity.
probably about ~8 grains would fit.  This load did ~1525 FPS and was probably +P+.
Not exactly clean...(right one is 800X)
AA#7 Left
Winchester AutoComp Middle
Hodgdon 800X right.
800X is somewhat sooty as you can see.  Its somewhat on the dirty side across all loads really.  It does not clean up with higher pressure.

6.0 Grains 124 Prec. Delt.
This was a ~1200 FPS load, and the primer expanded/flattened as you can see, past standard diameter of .1745 to .176.  This is on average less than most of the 9 MM Major loads.  So we will try 800X in 9 MM Major and see what happens.
Hodgdon 800X
A flake powder. Pretty bulky but not unlike alot of other similar looking and bulky powders.
This is one of the more dirty powders in 9 MM.  However it is one of the most accurate, so far, in our testing.  it completely surprised us. 
OK we have to say this right now.  We don't like the Hodgdon load data.  We rate it low comparatively versus other major companies, not all.   Why do we rate it low?  Look at it.  The loads are not even to SAAMI specification for pressure, they are much lower.  What is the point?  Is Hodgdon saying its dangerous to exceed ~32,000 PSI pressure in 9MM in guns rated to easily handle 38,500 PSI?  It doesn't make sense to the public.  It may make sense, but what is the exact reason?  Why is this load data literally so weak across the board and why so few types of bullets and OAL's?  Please go look at Western Powders load data.  That is really good, multiple different bullets at each grain, with multiple different OAL's.  OK back to 800X. 
This powder does not meter very well, so we suggest hand loading and weighing each charge for best results.  If you meter it, you will probably get variance of around .2 grains or so, depending on your setup.  There are several powders like this, so its not just this one. 
If this product was a lot cleaner, we would rate it much higher but its quite dirty and that is a negative for us.   
Hodgdon 800X
More versatile than we thought.  It can do anything from ~90 grain to 147 grain and do good velocity.  Lets take a look at some primers.  These are all Federal Gold Medal Primers.  Which are softer than most.  Softer primers give best indication of pressure, we think.
4.9 grains
147 Grain Precision Delta RN
1.145 OAL
Hornady Brass (New) 13.80 case capacity
7.5 Grains
90 Grain Sig Sauer V-Crown
1.075 OAL
Hornady Brass (New) 13.80 case capacity
+P+ for sure. 1525 FPS
Primer expanded to .176 from .1745 un-fired
6.0 Grains
124 Grain Precision Delta HP
1.095 OAL
Hornady Brass (New) 13.80 case capacity
Probably at least +P, or more.
Hodgdon 800X Target
Quite shocking really.  A powder not even designed for 9 MM is this accurate across so many loads?  We shot this some more, and noticed as you get near "MAX" charges, or +P accuracy seems to increase as well as standard deviation. 
Hodgdon 800X loads
Here are some of the loads we tried with this powder..
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